Guest lecture by Per Axelsson: Indigenous Health in Sápmi: past, present and future

Author: Dr John Reid, Senior Research Fellow, Ngāi Tahu Research Centre

When researchers want to study indigenous populations they are dependent upon the highly variable way in which states or territories enumerate, categorise and differentiate indigenous people.

Per Axelsson is one of the world’s leading researchers exploring the way in which indigenous people are categorized by Settler States and various science disciplines.

His work has been celebrated and recognized internationally, and his book ‘Indigenous People and Demography’ is one of the ‘go to’ manuals on the topic. His current research focus on a longitudinal study of colonization, state and the health of Indigenous Peoples in Sweden, Australia and New Zealand, 1850-2000.  He is a Wallenberg Academy Fellow and co-chairs the network of Family/Demography within the European Social Science History Association.


Per Axelsson: Indigenous Health in Sápmi: past, present and future

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