UCSA building update

UCSA building demolition work was completed during the summer break. Early enabling works and ground improvements are due to start late February – this involves excavating and compacting gravel, and stabilising soil with cement on the north side of the site.

There will be general construction noise associated with this work, and vehicles coming and going from the site. Please take care when travelling near the site – slow down and look out for others.

The early enabling works and ground improvements are expected to be completed by June.

New around here?

Just in case you haven’t heard yet, a new UCSA building is opening in 2019. It’ll be a vibrant hub for students and include spaces for clubs, student advocacy and support services, events and entertainment.

Construction on the new UCSA building is expected to start mid-year.

Find out more at http://www.ucsa.org.nz/ourhome/project-vision/

Below: Artist impressions – an exterior view of the UCSA building and the new Ngaio Marsh Theatre.



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