Sort your RecCentre membership and be in to win stuff

Okay, so the headline is a shameless attempt to grab your attention, and it seems to have worked…

Step 1: Join (or rejoin if you’re a returning student) the RecCentre.  It’s free.   Head over to our website now, follow the links and sign up.  You’ll need your UC login and password (the same ones you use for Learn and myUC), fill in your details, read and accept the terms and conditions, and you’re good to go!  Come over any time.  Your UC Card becomes your membership card, so you must bring that with you every visit to gain access through the turnstiles. 

Step 2:  Comment below, by 5/03/17 with TWO different activities, classes or fitness starter sessions available at the RecCentre, that you could put in your exercise plan each week to keep you healthy.  Tell us which prize pack you’re keen on and why. It is that simple.

See you at the gym!
UC RecCentre Team

Prize Pack 1: 4x PushMe personal training sessions valued at $120,
RecCentre drink bottle, earbuds & toiletry minis.

Prize Pack 2: SteerMe personalised fitness plan valued at $25, towel/ball hire concession card valued at $14, spin concession card valued at $25, RecCentre drink bottle, earbuds & toiletry minis.

Prize Pack 3: Small Group Training voucher for 1x SGT course (subject to availability) valued at up to $99, RecCentre drink bottle, earbuds & toiletry minis.


21 thoughts on “Sort your RecCentre membership and be in to win stuff”

  1. To keep healthy and fit, I would put Pump and BAT Group Fitness Classes in my exercise plan each work, and lift in the weight room on other days 🙂 I’m keen on Prize Pack 1 as I’ve started weightlifting a few months ago but am still sometimes concerned that I’m not lifting with the right technique/form or for the best results. The PushMe personal training sessions would help keep me accountable and ensuring I’m performing at my best.

  2. Yoga and Zumba, already been to both!
    Any of the prizepacks would be awesome, but first pick would be number 3! 🙂 would love to do the boxing class!

  3. I love the sound of prize #1! The Rec Centre is a great resource and I love the array of classes on offer, however I’ve never used the equipment rooms. Prize #1 sounds like it would help me discover different parts of the gym I haven’t though of trying!

  4. Hi guys, Thanks for the chance to win! Two activities I could get into my training schedule are spin classes and yoga. I’d love the first prize pack as I’ve never spent much time in a gym (find them a bit daunting) and never had any one on one time with a personal trainer. It’s one of those things that are good to do at least once I’d think to learn what works for you and together make a training plan best suited to me so I’d love to do it. Also, poor student, would be fantastic if free! Thanks!

  5. Spin Intro on Tuesdays fits into my timetable perfectly and I wouldn’t mind trying the new Core30 classes after my Thursday lecture.
    Prize pack 2 would be my choice so that I can get some advice on how to meet my goals – plus the Spin concessions!!

  6. Spin and Yoga. Prize Pack 1. I am 7 kg down on my attempt to lose 30 kg this year and the 4 sessions with a personal trainer would give me a boost in my ability to use the gym equipment and give me a much needed kick up the backside. 😛

  7. Pump class and HIIT! I would like the Prize Pack 3 because I have never tried suspension training and am looking for something new to push me other than the classes I regularly attend!

  8. Already re-signed back up for the gym. I love the pump and zumba classes! I would love to win prize pack one, as I’m still getting my head around the gym and how to make exercise work for me, some guidance would be awesome

  9. Yoga and pump! I would love prize pack 1 because I’m just getting back into exercise after spending a lot of time in hospital so would be really helpful 🙂

  10. Since moving to ChCh and starting at the RecCentre I’ve never done as many squats and burpees in my life! Apart from making my walk like John Wayne (young people google him) for a few days, it has already got me feeling stronger!
    My favourite classes so far are Pilates and HIIT30.
    All of those prize packs sound great, but either the PushMe personal training or the Small Group Classes would be my choice to help me improve my technique and focus in areas of training. 🙂

  11. Zumba and Boxing. I started with the first one last year and got a pair of gloves for christmas. I have practiced a bit by myself but I would love to practice with more people who also enjoy hitting that bag to relief the stress from uni. I would love that prize pack 3 to get me into a SGT for boxing.

  12. Thanks everyone for entering and sharing 🙂 We’ve selected our 3 winners (Neats, Frances and Carlos) for this competition. Keep an eye out on future blogs and our Facebook page for competitions and giveaways. Stay active!

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