Meningococcal vaccine available at the UC Health Centre

Meningococcal Disease is a potentially fatal disease spread like the common cold (through coughing/sneezing and poor hand hygiene). Groups with an increased risk of getting Meningococcal include young people living in hostels, adolescents and those with weakened immune systems. The UC Health Centre advises these higher risk groups get a Meningococcal vaccine which the UC Health Centre can provide. The vaccine is a simple one dose injection, unfortunately it is not publicly funded so there is a cost involved. Below are the two vaccine options and the cost.

The good news is, the best prevention is having the vaccination. The UC Health Centre is happy to answer any questions and provide advice on protecting yourself against infection. Email the Health Centre at or call on 03 364 2402. For more information on Meningococcal Disease visit the Immunisation Advisory Centre website.

VaccineVaccine TypeDosageBoosterCost
MenanctraMeningococcal A,C,Y, W-135 conjugateOneEvery 5 years$115 +$5 Nurse feeTotal = $120
NEISVACMeningococcal COneEvery 3-5 years$60 fee+ $5 Nurse feeTotal = $65

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