Update: Uni-Cycle work, Ilam Fields

Due to the wet weather this week, Christchurch City Council (CCC) could not seal the middle section of the Uni-Cycle path on Ilam Fields as planned – see previous update published 31 March.

CCC is currently looking into carrying out the sealing work over the weekend.

In the meantime please take care when crossing Ilam Fields.

2 thoughts on “Update: Uni-Cycle work, Ilam Fields”

  1. Really appreciate the new Unicycle path along University Drive – a great asset for non-motorists. I did wonder about the following, though:

    1. Why were black pavers used for part of the path. They are almost invisible and appear at random intervals. They also seem to be a wasted opportunity: would it not have been better to use coloured (eg terra cotta) pavers at the several places where the path intersects with bridges and on pedestrian crossings?

    2. The collision risk between cyclists/pedestrians and motorists could be reduced by adding more zebra crossings – eg missing at the new bridge (the old bridge next to it does have a full one!), and one at the Rec Centre Bridge.

    Looking forward to seeing the works at each end completed!

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