Myth-buster: Postgrad isn’t fun

Emma McCone is a postgraduate student studying towards a Master’s of Science, she shares her journey into postgrad study.

I finished the third and final year of my bachelors degree feeling like I wasn’t ready for a full-time job and the real deal adult life. I fell into postgraduate study and enrolled for a Master’s of Science. If you learn one thing from me and this blog, make it that postgraduate study can be for anyone who’s just passionate about what they’re learning and prepared to stay at uni a few years longer.

I learnt about postgrad after meeting some friends the year above me who’d just started their Masters. Second key message: postgrads aren’t scary, they’re not a different species and if you spend some time getting to know some in your department, you may find you have a lot more in common than you thought.

Once I’d met people and started the discussion about what postgrad is actually like, everything else fell into place. I talked to them more and more about the things they got to do during their Masters, I actually had conversations with lecturers and they knew my first name. All of a sudden everything seemed much more achievable and easy.

Just know that if you’re finding yourself towards the end of your degree and not sure what on earth to do with yourself, postgrad is not just for the straight A+ students. I am living proof of a student who just wasn’t ready to let go and move into the big scary world of full time work, smart casual dress and pretending to be an adult. I love what I study and I’m enjoying my Master’s degree so much. I’m so excited about having at least another two Tea Party costumes and memories to come. I love being a student and always meeting new and exciting people.

Maybe at the end of this degree, I’ll be grown up and ready! I guess there’s always a PhD if not….

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