What postgrad study taught me about life

Postgrad student Emily Henderson* shares with you what she has learnt about life through postgrad study, so far.

*Emily is writing under her pen name so you can’t judge her on how she folds her sheets!

  1. Everyone is pretending to be an adult.
  2. Undergraduate has too many exams. Like, seriously. Google is everywhere.
  3. The morning is actually a really useful time of day.
  4. No one understands my topic. Including me.
  5. For the first time as a Kiwi I’m a minority in my own country. The world is BIG, and the paths people take to get ANYWHERE are so diverse.
  6. Just because I deserve a scholarship, doesn’t mean I’ll get one #alwayspoor.
  7. My mum was right I fold my sheets the wrong way.
  8. Postgraduate study is like working in a full time job but getting away with only turning up 3 days a week.
  9. Procrastination is a fabulous resource to realise how much more successful everyone else is.
  10. Undergrads seem to think I’m some sort of foreign species. It’s fun watching them out my window when they think I can’t see them.
  11. No one cares that I failed Latin in my second year now, except my mum.
  12. Studylink gets progressively more unhelpful and moving out of home seems progressively less likely.
  13. Facebook is now a way to network.
  14. Facebook needs to burn all the photos from my undergrad.
  15. Facebook needs a note function so I can remember where I met all these people.
  16. The work force is overrated. Never join it. Stay in the comfort of university forever #yourstudentloangetswipedwhenyoudie

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