Why am I the only Postgrad at the Foundry?

I am all too familiar with the demographic of attendees in the Foundry. I am usually one of a handful of veteran postgrad event attendees. I think you’re only as old as you feel and every Winterlude I feel like the innocent and curious 18-year-old me that first stumbled into Once Upon a Time. I enjoy a dress up theme more than a three-year-old on her first day of kindy. I love that I discovered one of my favourite bands thanks to the UCSA’s impeccable ability to bring us great acts that are lesser known and obviously not bank-breaking artists. And that’s why you’ll still spot me at most Foundry gigs.

UCSA Maadi Gras 2017

With Winterlude 2017 coming up, I’m blown away yet again by the diversity and volume of events the UCSA has managed to gift to the students. While I’m a postgrad that arguably still has 99/100 undergrad characteristics, I truly believe there’s something for everyone in this year’s Winterlude. The most common misconception I’ve heard this year as my first year of being a ‘postgrad’ is that UCSA events are for the undergrads, that certain spaces are taken over by undergrads, $2 rice is such an undergrad thing. It’s not. Embrace everything and everyone. Be open minded and enjoy the UC culture.

Fellow postgrads, if you’re a fan of SACHI, you’ll find me there July 19 cutting mad shapes on the D-floor. If you’re like me and love that vibe, don’t think you won’t be warmly welcomed by all the excited undergrads to this event. And if that’s not your thing at all, the International Food Market is high up on my Winterlude favourites list, or the Winter Wellness Expo which always brightens up the cold mornings at the start of the semester. Trust me, Winterlude is fun, get amongst!

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