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Jane Goodall visits Christchurch and gives a presentation at a Sumner school to school children and talks with members of the SVA Student Volunteer Army, 30.6.17 Photography by Paul Daly.
Jane Goodall speaking with members of the SVA Student Volunteer Army on her visit to Christchurch.

In 2015, in my third year at UC, I joined the Student Volunteer Army (SVA) Exec team as a Platoon Leader. I’ve now been on the Exec for 3 years and am currently Vice President of the Club.

Being part of the SVA Exec has been a highlight of my time at UC. As an Exec team of 25 with over 2000 volunteer members, we are the largest club on campus. There are so many awesome opportunities I’ve been able to take part in through my involvement with the SVA.

I’ve learnt different skills through each of the positions I’ve held on the Exec – like organising events, taking accurate meeting minutes and overseeing the operation of the Club. The SVA offers a variety of ways to develop your skills and leadership experience, with leadership seminars, paid trips to conferences such as Festival for the Future and Aspiring Leaders Forum and free courses such as first aid and media training. Other highlights of my time on the Exec have been meeting HRH Prince Harry and hosting a talk with Dr Jane Goodall. I’ve really enjoyed the opportunity to get outside the ‘Ilam bubble’ and work in different parts of the city, meeting members of the Christchurch community – who are always incredibly appreciative of the work we do.

Most importantly, over the last three years I’ve got to meet and work alongside an awesome team of people. Together we’ve worked on projects that have been fun and rewarding for students but also made a real impact in the community.

I’d highly recommend applying for the SVA Executive team for 2018. The process is easy – all you need is a short CV and cover letter outlining the position you are applying for and why. Applications close Friday 1 September – don’t miss out!

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Written by Isabelle Smith, Student Volunteer Army – Vice President

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