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21106675_10154935808387336_6038527362664806228_nLife can be stressful and expensive – and that’s without the added pressure of driving to University every day! Sadly, these drives are also the most harmful to the environment. During short commutes and stop-start city driving your car engine does not have adequate time to warm up, which means that fuel is burnt less efficiently and your car’s emissions are at their highest. So what’s a poor student to do? UC’s Sustainability Office team explores the solutions as part of the lead in to Sustainapalooza.

Sustainable transport is the answer! Whether you’re a barefooted CUBA kook on a skateboard or a group of flatties sharing a carpool, there are plenty of alternatives that are not only kinder on your mind, body and wallet, but better for the environment too. Figure out what sustainable transport option is right for you:


Too often we forget the simple pleasures offered by getting somewhere on our own two feet. Whether you spend this time listening to music or chatting with your mates, walking is a great way to soak up the scenery and boost your energy levels to get you ready for the day.


Ditching the car and jumping on the bike might make that 2000 word essay easier to tackle. Cycling improves your brain function, releases endorphins and lowers your stress levels, whilst keeping those pesky winter bugs at bay by strengthening your cardiovascular and immune systems. It’s a great way to enjoy the beauty of the garden city, and for every 1km you choose to bike instead of drive, you will save enough CO2 to keep a 60 watt light bulb running for five hours!

Taking the bus

Need to catch up on lecture notes or cram for a test? Tag your mates in some memes? Schedule in your afternoon nap? Bussing takes away the stress of driving and gives you a period of free time to use as you please, whilst lowering the congestion on the roads and the pollution in the air.


Cutting down on driving isn’t always easy, especially for those who live far from campus or who need to travel throughout the day. Carpooling is a sustainable travel option that lowers the cost, stress and environmental impact of driving, while making the commute more social and enjoyable. Exciting plans are underway to extend the Smart Travel initiative to UC, which makes it easy to arrange safe, shared rides for both frequent and one-off trips.

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