Seeking participants – research on nostalgia

Hi All,

I am a PhD student at the Department of Psychology, UC. I am trying to understand aspects of our memory, more specifically the concept of nostalgia and am looking for people to participate in my research.

What the study involves: You will think about an event (I will tell you exactly what to think about) which will be recorded using an EEG or a hand-operated switch, and then answer a few questions about the event and yourself. The study takes about an hour to complete and is conducted at the psychology department. You will receive a $10 petrol voucher or Westfield Gift Card as a token of appreciation for your time. Anyone above the age of 18 can participate; mature students and people above the age of 25 are especially welcome. You cannot take part if you have a hand injury.

The study will be running until mid-November and again from February 2018. Please email me, Oindrila, to book an appointment on Also, feel free to contact me later in the year if you are interested but busy at the moment. Any help is appreciated!


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