Make sure your party is a ‘good one’

170928 Good one logoMake sure you have a ‘good one’ and register your party on the Good One party register.

Why register your party with the Police you ask? Sometimes no matter how much planning you put in and bags of chips you buy, parties can go pear shaped. If this does happen it is much easier for you to get help from the community Police when you know who they are and they know you. And if it helps you get your bond back at the end of the year we reckon it’s worth it!

When you register a party the registration is sent to your friendly community Police. The Police might give you a call, offer advice and help you to plan and throw a ‘good one’. Find out more about how it works here>

Or, dive right in and register a party now!170928 Good one - register your party

The Good One community project recently won the Excellence in reducing harm from crime award at the national finals of the Police Evidence Based Problem Oriented Policing Awards. Where UCSA President James Addington accepted the award on behalf of the Good One Project Group.

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