I’ll be taking tea

Every year in October there is a sense of anticipation and excitement around campus. Not only is the academic year coming to a close, but summer is also on the way. If the excitement of this is not enough, the UCSA Tea Party will once again take place on Ilam fields, and it is not only for undergrads!

There are so many reasons to celebrate the end of the academic year. If you have been hard at work tutoring all year to ensure the young guns are able to pass their exams, then you should celebrate. If you managed to smash out a couple of chapters and are thinking of a summer holiday, then you should celebrate. Or, if you need to put your head down and make some serious progress on your thesis then why not one last massive party, so big you won’t need another one until 2018?

However, as we all know, it is the people you’re with that make the day. Go and grab your postgrad mates (bribing or gentle coercion is encouraged), conduct a focus group on dress up options and get to work. You could go as a gaggle of geese or Tarzan or whatever, just make it memorable.

See, there are just so many reasons why you shouldn’t miss it. Every year UCSA pulls out all the stops with epic bands, super fun activities and chill out zones for everyone to enjoy. So clear your desk of old coffee cups, drag yourself out of the office and celebrate the coming of summer. Who said postgrad’s only sit in the office and do nothing but read and write? Not me, I’ll be at the Tea Party!

Written by Thomas Gillman, UCSA Postgrad Rep

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