Apply now for the Inspiring Explorers’ Expedition 2018

Just launched, the Antarctic Heritage Trust’s Inspiring Explorers Expedition for 2018.

Inspiring Explorers is a programme that seeks to connect young people with the spirit of exploration and gives them a platform to share their stories and inspire others.

Applications are now open for the Inspiring Explorers’ Expedition for 2018!

The expedition will attempt a 560km crossing on skis of the Greenland ice cap.

We are looking for three young New Zealanders or Australians (20-35 years) to participate.

The expedition honours Norwegian explorer Fridtjof Nansen, who made the first successful crossing of the Greenland ice cap in 1888. Nansen is regarded as an icon of polar exploration and his innovations and expeditions inspired explorers of the Antarctic heroic-era, including Scott, Shackleton and Amundsen.

We are looking for young people with an adventurous spirit, resilience and endurance to be a part of this special team. Applicants do not need to be seasoned polar explorers.

Applications close Sunday 19 November.

For more information and the application form check out the website>


UCSA President: what postgrad students can expect in 2018

Josh Proctor, UCSA President, Economics/Finance, 25.9.17Kia ora all, I’m Josh Proctor 2018 UCSA President elect. First and foremost, I must thank all of those who voted for me in the UCSA elections earlier in the year. I am very excited about the year ahead.

2017 is the first year there has been a specific postgraduate position on the UCSA executive and I believe that it has been a great start. The position has become solidified within the UCSA structure and has generated multiple positive outcomes including developing the representation of postgraduate students and created platforms for the postgrad voice to be carried through to the University. The Postgrad Advisory Group and Postgraduate Working Group are now established and Emma McCone (UCSA Postgraduate Rep 2018) and I are excited about having these tools to relay and verify the postgrad voice.

As an organisation, the UCSA is planning on putting a larger focus on student wellbeing, representation across campus, and international and postgraduate students. This includes the plan to include a specific international representative on the exec for 2018. With a record number of international students on campus it’s important their voice is represented.

Keep an eye out for a postgrad barbecue at the beginning of the year and if you ever have any feedback please feel free to flick it through to your college rep, Emma or myself.

Many thanks,

Josh Proctor

New social events for Spring GradFest

171018 GradFest

Spring GradFest starts next week with a variety of sessions to help you along the thesis journey, as well as new social events where you can meet other postgraduates from UC.

Although your main focus at UC will be on your postgraduate work, something valuable I learned at a previous GradFest is that it is still important to make time to socialise. Thesis study can be an isolating experience, and it’s important to make friends to survive and thrive. Knowing that social time is acceptable keeps you from feeling guilty about it, and you’ll find that learning to manage your schedule is a vital part of the journey.

GradFest has a variety of sessions to help you with your thesis work, covering topics like writing, presentations, and technology. But this time it also has new social events like a Welcome social at the Shilling Club and a BBQ lunch. These are great opportunities to meet fellow postgraduates from other departments, so be sure to make space in your schedule for them.

Check out the website for sessions you might be interested in>

– Kara, international PhD student at UC