Belonging, success and asking for help

You may recognise Stephanie Fong if you saw the O Day 2018 welcome video? We asked her three questions about adjusting to life at UC.

UC comms: Can you describe some of the differences between studying at high school and uni?

Stephanie: Here, no-one holds your hand. It’s up to you to ask for help – there’s heaps of support.  Also, lecturers might feel more disconnected from you than your high school teacher, so go up after class, or email them or make a time to see them.

UC: It’s really common to fear failure. What’s your advice about what to do if you feel like you’ve got a bad mark, or if you feel like you’re having a bit of a tough time with a paper or course?

Stephanie: Get a mentor. They can be a bit like a guardian for first years!  Break things down into simple tasks. Do one small task, do it, then tick it off as an accomplishment. 

UC: What are your top three tips for the first month at uni?

Stephanie: First, get organised – get your Canterbury ID card, do a library induction, and sort out your time management.  Secondly, many of you may find that tests, and assignments and mid-terms come up very fast. Find out about what is expected of you on your course early. Thirdly, socialising is a big one. UCSA Clubs and Societies are really good – clubs don’t have to be about alcohol – and faculty based clubs are a good option to meet people in your class. You can connect with people and nature at UC’s community garden. 

Action list:

  1. Check out all the support services listed on
  2. Be proactive. Studying at uni is different from high school. The Academic Skills Centre has an incredible programme. Click here>
  3. Get involved. Join a Club or Society. There are over 100 to choose from. Click here>
  4. Choose two of the four secrets to success to focus on and make the habit stick> 

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