Peer support for postgrads

 Suvo is a PhD student from India studying Media and Communication at UC. Read on about how SOAR Advisors help postgraduate students. 

Hi there.

 ­As an international student, it took me a while to get used to UC and the new Kiwi environment, but the Postgraduate Office, along with a range of UC services like the Academic Skills Centre, Rec Centre, a variety of student support services and the Library really helped me to settle in. My department and initial supervisor also played a big part in helping me to feel at home in Christchurch and at UC.

I have also learned so much from my fellow students and friends from around the world.  But still, there was something missing: formal peer support. To fill this gap, the Postgraduate Office has created the SOAR Advisors, a group of peer advisors I’m now proud to be part of. SOAR Advisors help new postgrad students settle comfortably at UC during the initial months of their study, and can also provide assistance with skills including academic writing, literature reviews and a variety of data analysis tools.

We help students from across the campus, and work with the Academic Skills Centre and the Postgraduate Office to organise events like GradFest. As a SOAR Advisor I’ve learnt a lot both from my colleagues and from the students I’ve worked with; it’s also a great opportunity for all of us to make new friends along the postgrad journey. For more information about the current SOAR Advisors and how they can help you, please join our Facebook page or find us on the UC website.

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