22 February earthquake – prayer at UC dedication service

Rev. Josh (Spanky) Moore offered the following prayer at the service dedication of the Commemorative Pathway and Roimata sculpture.
God our Father, today we remember the lives of the 185 people who died on this day seven years ago. People from New Zealand, Japan, China, the Philippines, Thailand, Israel, South Korea, Canada, Ireland, Malaysia, Peru, Romania, Russia, Serbia, Taiwan, Turkey and the United States.
We pray for their family and friends, that they may know the comfort of your love.
Lord, hear our prayers – and wipe away our tears.
We also remember those who were injured or left with permanent injury after the earthquakes.  May they know that neither we nor you have forgotten them – and give them a sense of purpose and tenacity as they continue to live rich lives, despite their scars – be them seen or unseen.
Lord, hear our prayers – and wipe away our tears.
Loving God,
Today in particular we acknowledge the deep loss experienced by this University due to the earthquake. But we also offer thanks for the creative contribution the this place has made over the past seven years: thank you for the Student Volunteer Army. Thank you for the researchers who have helped us to better under stand natural disasters. And thank you for the role this University has played in rebuilding a city of hope, or justice, and of peace.   
Lord, hear our prayers – and wipe away our tears.
And dear God,
As we dedicate this memorial cycle way, and unveil this Roimata sculpture – help us to never forget the events of this day in 2011. May we find time for pleasure as we ride this trail and reflect on the future, but may this sculpture help us to not forget the pain and loss of the past.
Lord, hear our prayers – and wipe away our tears.
And so I invite us to hold a moment of silence as we remember those who died and the events of this day 7 years ago.

 I nga wa o te pouri, o te marama,
o te raru, o te hari,

a mai matou, e te Matua i te rangi, kia manako ki tou aroha,
kia mahi i au mahi, kia whakapai i tou ingoa, 
Ake ake ake, Amine.
(Translation: In darkness and in light,
in trouble and in joy,
help us, heavenly Father, to trust your love,
to serve your purpose, and to praise your name, Amen)

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