Do you feel empowered to intervene?

Videos of crowds of people walking past homeless or abandoned people in the street are posted online and played in class to pull on our heart strings and to make us consider patterns of human behaviour. While we might see ourselves as far removed from such actions, the reality is, similar situations can also be found within the university context.

Are you looking out for your friends at the Foundry? Do you stand up for your class mates? Would you ask someone who looks upset if they are okay? Do you speak up when someone you know takes a joke too far?

Bystander intervention refers to the awareness, skill and willingness to intervene in a situation where another person needs help. While we do have a no tolerance harassment policy at UC, it is our responsibility as students to do our part in showing others what is and is not acceptable behaviour. The most important things to remember are to ensure your safety, be aware of those around you and that our current actions have future consequences.

At the end of the day, look out for yourself and look out for your friends.

Laura O’Dwyer
UCSA Equity and Wellbeing Representative

The websites below provide further information on bystander intervention and various training resources:

Working towards sustainable practices

UC’s Senior Management Team recently developed and adopted a Sustainability Framework.

This document establishes the approach that the University will take to meet its environmental commitments and to incorporate sustainability concepts into decision making at all levels, while staying within the University’s resources.

The Framework covers approaches to teaching, learning and research, operations, and partnerships for sustainability.

AVC Māori and Acting Learning Resources Director Darryn Russell headed the Framework, and believes that “universities are uniquely poised to offer sustainable solutions to the problems of our day – notably climate change – something that is recognised throughout the higher education sector world-wide.” He added that “having this Framework in place will focus attention on this fact and makes a firm statement that these issues are viewed as important within the UC community.”

Key elements of the Framework include fostering research that will lead to a more sustainable world and offering opportunities for students to learn about and contribute to ways their disciplines can contribute to sustainability outcomes. It states a goal of being a “role model in our community for environmental leadership and sustainable practises”, and that UC will draw on the special significance of Te Tiriti o Waitangi and commit to being good stewards of our environment.

There are lots of ways to get involved now that this Framework is in place, acknowledging that we have been on a sustainability journey as a university community for nearly twenty years.

For an idea of how the University is performing in the areas covered by the Framework, have a look at the 2017 Sustainability Report.

Get in touch with the Sustainability Office if you have any questions about how you can incorporate more sustainability practices and principles into what you do here at UC and in your everyday lives!

DD01 to close this weekend

The cafe in Dovdeale Village – DD01 closes its doors this weekend in preparation for clearing of the villages.

The same team will continue to trade in UCMix on the ground floor of the Business and Law building on the Ilam campus.

Those in need of coffee on the Dovedale campus can still get a great cup at the UCSA cafe – The Collective.