Three ways to make the most of your FREE RecCentre membership

So, you’ve got yourself a free gym membership at the RecCentre, but you’re not entirely sure how to make the most of it?  A bit short of time, and the options are just a bit overwhelming?  How do you know you’re doing it right, or best for you?   Here’s how we can help you navigate your first gym experience.

First off, sign up for a FREE StartMe Gym Starter programme.   We take up to six people in one session, but most of the time it’s 2-3 people, or if you’re lucky, you’ll fly solo.  In your 45min session, you’ll get a brief tour of the facility (optional if you’ve scoped it out already), and then we’ll show you how to use the cardio equipment.  After this we’ll take you through 5-6 simple exercises on the weights machines for a full body workout. You can ask as many questions as you have, and since there is no such thing as a silly question, bombard our fitness consultants with all of your fitness questions you’ve always wanted to ask! Don’t forget, these are group sessions, so you can sign up with a friend as well. 

Second, get into the group fitness classes! They’re FREE with your membership (except for Spin, which is $3) and they’re an excellent way to learn how to exercise safely in a fun and supportive atmosphere. Our trainers are super knowledgeable and experienced, so you’re in great hands. We have a range of classes, at different intensities, for different goals (such as cardio, muscle conditioning or relaxation/stretching), there really is something for everyone! Not sure which to start with? Chat to a fitness consultant or a receptionist for advice.  Or just bite the bullet, check out our timetable and give it a go!  Our classes cater for all levels, and there are options in the class to make it easier or harder to suit. 

Finally, read up on our gym etiquette and rules.  Every gym shares some common rules (like bring a gym towel, wear closed shoes), and each gym will have its own specialty rules to make their gym sing.   You can pick up a copy of our etiquette in handy brochure form to read at the gym while you warm up, or you can read it online.  Either way, make sure you are schooled up and before you know it, you too will be a gym legend.

Most of all, have fun!  Exercise will help you study better, sleep better, feel better, stave off the ‘fresherfive’ and generally just make you feel good. Find something you enjoy doing (even if it’s not the gym) and make it a habit. You won’t regret it!

Watch out for our next post, and be in to win PushMe personal training sessions, valued at $200!

Be happy and healthy!
Kat, UC RecCentre

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