Careers Fair – a must attend on my calendar

Engineering and Science Careers Fair
Wednesday 9 May, 10.00am – 3.30pm
Undercroft, Puaka-James Hight

Whether you are seeking graduate employment, summer internships or nothing at all you can gain a lot from this event. The opportunity to get familiar with the professional lingo and how to act in a professional yet casual manner is invaluable.

It’s awesome walking around seeing your mates who have graduated and are now sharing their knowledge of the industry with you. I hope I can one day come back to UC and see my mates and try to inspire them into a career path that they may see as worthwhile.

One piece of advice from me would be not to limit yourself. Even though you may have a specialised in spomething or have a major, degrees are very versatile and who knows where you’ll end up.


Hugh Knight
ENSOC President

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