UCount survey – be a UC change maker

Last Friday (11 May) and Monday (14 May)second and third-year students were emailed an invitation to tell the University what counts to them.

Be a UC change maker!
The results of the UCount survey provide information which helps bring about positive change to the student experience at UC.

Services from UCSA such as the comprehensive dental programme, additional break-out areas and heat-and-eat areas are all examples of change which happened as a result of previous student feedback.

Your say can make a real difference.

And – there are prizes.  

Complete the survey and go into the draw to win one of 10 x $50 UBS book vouchers.

Don’t wait – give us feedback now. Winners will be contacted around the end of semester break!

Note: Your responses will remain strictly confidential to those processing the data.
If you have any enquiries or wish to speak with the researcher, please contact  kaylene.sampson@canterbury.ac.nz

How do I start? To participate now in the survey go to one of the emailsl with the heading  and click on the link to the survey.

 “UC wants to hear how things are going for you?” (Delivered  4 pm Friday 11 May))

 “$50 UBS vouchers to give away”  (Delivered 6pm Monday 14 May)


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