Tackle your exams head on with pre-planning

It’s never too early to start thinking about end of semester exams and tests and it’s important to keep in mind that Term Two is a short term. Karen Meadows-Taurua from Student Care has put together some practical tips to help you in the lead up to and during the exam period.

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Planning your time

A bit of forward planning can really help you stay on top of your study in the lead up to exams. Make a plan scheduling time for study, socialising, spending time with your family, eating and exercise. Use these tips to help you plan.

  • Look at the lead up to your exams. What will you study and when?
  • Make sure you have all the notes and information you need, and break it into chunks of time and subjects.
  • Keep your schedule front of mind. Stick it on the wall, refer back to it and check it off as you go.
  • Include breaks and the odd day off too.
  • If you are under pressure to be available to others, friends, family or work, have a chat to them and ask if they can give you some space while you get through study and exams.

Looking after yourself

During exams, it is just as important to look after yourself physically and nutritionally. Research suggests if you keep moving and eating well you will find it easier to concentrate and retain information. Try and include some of these tips in your schedule.

  • Eat as well as you can and regularly. Pick nourishing food and drink plenty of water to keep hydrated.
  • If you can commit to at least some exercise that’s great. Exercising in the morning can help energise you for the day, and even light activity makes a difference.
  • Try and get enough sleep.
  • Go easy on the substances. This includes caffeine, coffee, NoDoz, cigarettes, alcohol, marijuana, dexamphetamine and other drugs.

Study tips – to help you focus

Are you easily distracted or have trouble focusing on the task at hand? Perhaps some of these handy tips could help:

  • write study notes by hand. Research shows this helps you learn information
  • stick notes up around your room or house
  • do you like studying by yourself or in a group? Do you like studying outside or in fresh air?
  • switch your phone off or to flight mode and try to use it during breaks only.

Don’t forget that the Student Care team is available Monday to Friday, 9am-4.30pm to offer advice and support around anything that might be affecting your studies and wellbeing. The service is available for all domestic and international students and you can either drop in or make an appointment with one of our advisors. Phone 03 369 3388, email studentcare@canterbury.ac.nz or visit our webpage to find out more>

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