Did you take a gap year?

A growing number of students are taking a gap year before starting university. Were you one of them?

  • What challenges did you face after taking a year out?
  • How did you get back into study mode?
  • How did taking a gap year help you succeed at uni?
  • What do you wish someone had told you before you started your gap year?

One tip we’ve heard is “don’t throw away your Year 13 study notes as they can be a useful refresher before starting uni.”

Do you have other tips, advice or experiences to share?

UC’s Liaison team is compiling a list of tips so we can share these with students starting uni in 2019 after a gap year or with those taking a gap year in 2019.

Please share your tips and advice by clicking ‘leave a comment’ under the heading of this blog or by emailing liaison@canterbury.ac.nz

If you submit your tip before 26 June 2018, you will go in the draw to win a $50 Westfield voucher.

9 thoughts on “Did you take a gap year?”

  1. My tip is to plan ahead before taking your gap year. Make sure you have enough University Entrance credits (eg. numeracy and literacy credits) and have an idea of where you plan on studying and what!

  2. Taking a gap year was the best thing I did before coming to University! It gave me a whole new perspective on things I learnt in lectures as I had some real world experience. For me, it helped decide what I actually wanted to study and I love what I’m doing. My advice would be to make sure you keep an eye out for enrolment dates, and if unsure email a course advisor. They were super helpful in helping plan my degree while I was overseas. In terms of getting back into study, go and talk to your lecturers! Let them know you’ve had a break and they will be more than willing to give you some tricks. Also form a study group. brainstorming ideas and talking about your lectures is a great way to reinforce understanding.

    1. Thanks Julie – that’s good to know. Our liaison team is planing on reminding students on gap years of key dates this year – so hopefully that will be one less thing for them to worry about. Good luck for the prize draw. 🙂

  3. I am so glad that I took a gap year before coming to university. I went away thinking that I had my whole life mapped out but my time overseas shifted my perspective on myself, the world, and what I wanted to do. My tip is to be willing to change your mind about you where and what you want to study, and to be flexible and open-minded.

  4. If you unsure about what to do after school I highly recommend a gap year which pushes you out of your comfort zone to try new things and meet new people. Recommend an overseas working holiday over working in your home town for a year. Many of my high school friends worried about getting back into study if they took a year out, but I found that coming to uni with more motivation and direction after my travelling helped me to do well in my studies. In fact my gap year experiences are what made me decide uni was for me. There are too many people in their first year of uni who are there because their parents wanted them to or because it was the easy decision of what to do with life after high school, and they are not getting much value out of being there.Of course some people have a clear direction of what they want to do after high school and that is awesome, but for myself and many people this is not the case. Its also often hard to see 6 months or a year in the grand scheme of things, I took two years out so am behind my age group but it really doesn’t matter!

    1. Thanks Laura – good to hear your gap year helped with your focus and motivation – all the best with your studies and for the prize draw.

  5. Congratulations to LS, who won the prize draw and the $50 Westfield voucher. Thanks to all the gap year students who shared their tips – they were really helpful and provided some useful ideas to share with others currently on gap years.

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