Change the World: 2017 Research Report

UC is well known for its research reputation, and the excellence and quality of UC’s research is showcased in the annual Research Report | Kimihia Te Mea Ngaro.

Although only a small selection, the excellence and quality of UC’s research can be seen through research stories gathered from our activities during the 2017 year, with an emphasis on the work of our doctoral students, the support and collaboration they have with their supervisors, and how this world-class learning environment contributes to their success.

Showcased on the cover of the 2017 Research Report is fourth-year doctoral student Rabia Ijaz, who interviewed representatives from over 30 small-to-medium enterprises in the Greater Christchurch area to find out more about their experiences following the Canterbury earthquakes.

Her research revealed three major features of survival and success, which may provide practical advice for others:

  • Strong social capital through extended networks
  • Adaptive coping – the ability to adjust to change
  • An optimistic mind set

“With these elements business owners could foster an attitude that allowed them to take risks, think strategically, learn from their mistakes and importantly, they could develop and grow their network.”

For all this and much more, read the 2017 Research Report here.

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