Planned power outage 4-11 July, West and Len Lye buildings

A power outage affecting the West and Len Lye buildings on Ilam campus has been planned to allow for the main switchboard that services both buildings to be upgraded.

Power outage period
8am Wednesday 4 July to 5pm Wednesday 11 July

Staff and students are advised that there will be NO ACCESS to the West or Len Lye buildings as they will be cleared and locked by Security for the period of the outage. If you need access please contact Security who will arrange an escort.

Information for building occupants
It is recommended that building occupants turn off their computers and printers before leaving work on Tuesday 3 July.    

We recognise that the impact of this outage is significant and would like to thank staff for their cooperation in ensuring we can undertake this work in a safe manner. We apologise in advance for the disruption.

Please forward this advice to any affected staff and students as appropriate.

Please contact me if you have any queries. 

Rob Oudshoorn
Group Manager Engineering
Facilities Management 
Ext – 95498
Ph – (03) 369 5498

Exam results – Alex says ‘recharge, refresh, keep going’

Just had your first exams? Alex Holmes gives some great advice if you’re feeling nervous about results.

The main thing now is to give yourself a good break away from university life. I can imagine it has been a pretty full on semester at UC so it’s probably time to unwind and have some fun.

Results this semester come out on Friday 6 July. Remember everyone is in the same boat as you. Believe it or not, that bad mark you think you have may be on scale with the rest of your class, so they might scale it, or it isn’t as bad as you thought it would be.

Life at UC is very different to what school was, so don’t be worried if it doesn’t go exactly as you wanted it to. There are plenty of options to consider, a bad exam result isn’t the end and there are steps forward to continue doing what you are doing.

Remember to have an enjoyable and adventurous break and come back recharged and refreshed for another semester. Make the most of all that is on offer here, there is plenty to do and balance is key.

Alex Holmes

BCom Marketing and Finance-Graduated 2018
Master of Commerce-2018
UCSA Executive-2018

Apply now for the Vice-Chancellor’s Excellence Award

The Vice-Chancellor’s Excellence Award (VCEA) recognises excellent achievement and the value of breadth of learning in UC’s most capable students. It allows some students with a high level of achievement studying Engineering, Science, Commerce, Law, Education, or Arts, to take courses outside of their main area of study free of the usual tuition fee.

Your excellent academic achievement may qualify you to apply for the Vice-Chancellor’s Excellence Award in 2018.

Past VCEA recipients have chosen to explore Languages, English, History, Philosophy, Political Science, and more. See the Bachelor of Arts website for a list of some of the subjects you can discover with the VCEA.

The Award

The award allows you to take one undergraduate course per semester, which will be registered under the award code COP VCEA. Courses will receive credit and appear on your transcript in the usual way, with the exception that course results will be listed as Pass/Fail (P/F) only. Courses taken under the VCEA cannot be credited to your first degree. Results of VCEA courses will not affect your GPA either positively or negatively. No student fee will be incurred for such courses, but any other course-specific costs or charges may apply. Students who pass at least one course under the VCEA will be acknowledged as recipients of the Vice-Chancellor’s Excellence Award on their transcripts.


To apply for the award, see the Vice-Chancellor’s Excellence Award on the scholarships website and fill out the application form.  Please note, applications for Semester Two close on Wednesday 4 July, 2018.

Entry Requirements

The Award is open to (i) full-time domestic students enrolled in any undergraduate degree or degrees of the University who have an overall GPA of 7.0 or above at the time of application, and who have previously accumulated at least 90 points of study towards their degree(s), and (ii) students enrolled in any doctoral degree of the University.

Courses taken under the Award are subject to the following restrictions:

  1. No more than 60 credit points in total may be taken under the VCEA, and no more than one VCEA course per semester may be taken.
  2. VCEA courses may not be credited to, or otherwise help fulfill the requirements of, any degree or award in which you are enrolled at the time of taking the VCEA course. VCEA courses may be credited to later awards of the University on the following conditions: (a) that you have already graduated or are eligible to graduate with a UC degree, and (b) VCEA courses my contribute to no more than 50 percent of the points value/EFTS of any future qualification.
  3. VCEA courses may be no larger than 15 credit points, must be at 100 level, and may be taken from the schedules of degrees in the Faculty of Arts. These include the BA, MusB, BSW, and BFA.
  4. Entry to VCEA courses is by approval of the Dean of the Faculty of Arts, who will take into account the breadth expectations of the award. For this reason, under normal circumstances the Dean will not approve enrolment in VCEA courses on the schedule(s) of the major subject or subjects in which your are enrolled.
  5. Entry to courses under the VCEA is subject to the normal pre-requisite or other entry requirements for those courses. Courses passed under the VCEA will count as pre-requisites for other courses, or otherwise may be used to meet requirements for further study, so long as this is not affected by their being awarded on a pass/fail basis, and also subject to point (ii) above.

Courses you take under the VCEA are subject to normal workload restrictions. Should applying to enrol in a VCEA course lead to an excess workload, you will need to apply for this to be approved in the usual way.

VCEA applications should be submitted by Wednesday 4 July, 2018. Find out more here>