Public talk: freedom of choice and human rights

Public talk details at a glance:
Guest speaker Brendan Malone
Wednesday 8 August, 5.00pm

Is abortion something you’ve thought much about? How can we know our options so that as a society we can make the best use of our freedom of choice?  How does abortion relate to human rights? 

ProLife UC is a club that exists to raise awareness and stimulate discussions around current social issues involving life.  Our upcoming public talk will be a great chance to find out more about the topic of abortion and human rights. We’re proud to welcome guest speaker Brendan Malone, NZ bioethics and life issues speaker, here at the University of Canterbury to discuss the topic of abortion. The talk is happening in Undercroft of the James Hight Library. Come along and hear what he has to say. Free pizza will be provided! 

This presentation will explore the most important, and least discussed question of all in the abortion debate, as well as making the case for why it is in the public interest to keep reference to abortion in the New Zealand Crimes Act.

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