Women’s health and wellness matters

Has your health ever affected your study? Or have you ever wondered what you can do to boost your wellness? This year, UC Careers Annual Careers Event for Women, themed Empowering Women’s Safety and Wellbeing in Work explores health experiences of 51% of the population. Sharing stories helps us feel we aren’t alone and helps us better understand our peers.  

One of our guest speakers is Hannah Blakely, a Registered Clinical Psychologist who runs a private practice. She works with women and their families in the context of health issues affecting women and supports them to look after their wellbeing. She will discuss women’s health experiences, how to boost women’s wellbeing throughout their cycles, and how women can look after themselves at work during pregnancy.         

This event is for all students interested in learning more about experiences affecting 51% of New Zealand’s population and how we all can contribute to a positive and safe work environment for everyone.

Tuesday 7 August, 5.00pm -7.00pm
Undercroft 101
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Don’t forget, you can contribute to the conversation before the event through the UC Careers Facebook event page and Instagram using the hashtags #UCCareers #EmpoweringWomen

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