Postgraduate’s new space – Living Room

There’s a new Postgraduate student space!

Your eyes are not fooling you folks. We’ve got ourselves a dedicated postgraduate space on campus. A space where we can hang out, share stories, find information, host gatherings and all sorts of fun stuff.

The Living Room is an old café/restaurant/club space that UC is trialling as a common room for postgrads to hang out. This is something I’m really REALLY happy with, as well before I’ve been in the role of UCSA PG representative, this has been campaigned super hard for. I hope everyone really enjoys the space and can have it feel like a little home on campus. A relaxing space where any postgraduate student can go and feel safe and welcome.

I’m hoping this space becomes an organic point of information sharing and place to find out what’s going on around campus for postgraduate students, as I know this sort of information can be hard to come by most of the time! I’ll be making sure I pin up posters and updates from the UCSA on the boards in there for you all to check in on the happenings at your students association.

Attached is an average looking map of where this space is on campus! I really hope you all get the chance to come along sometime soon and check it out. If you’re struggling to find it feel free to email me at, or head to the UCSA office and ask myself or our receptionist Fiona!

I look forward to throwing some sort of launch party in the next few weeks. Keep an eye on UCSA’s Facebook page and the PG noticeboard ( for updates!

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