Half-yearly result shows steady financial performance for UC

Thank you to all our students for recognising the value of the University as a world-class learning and research environment and for contributing to a vibrant and diverse student community.

UC is continuing to show steady financial performance, the six-monthly result to the end of June 2018 shows. UC has advanced its growth strategy, starting the academic year with a big increase in new-to-UC students and receiving a further boost with a 22% increase in mid-year enrolments.

  • Our aim is to continue to grow the number of students coming to the University and staying in Canterbury, to increase research efforts and academic and technical job opportunities, and to collaborate with institutions in the region.
  • In the last year, UC was the fastest growing New Zealand university, attracting record numbers of students from Auckland and Wellington, as well as students and researchers from around the country and the world.
  • In the last 12 months we have had a record number of postgraduate students, including over 1,000 doctoral students.
  • The six-monthly result to the end of June 2018 shows continued steady financial performance as the University competes strongly in the commercial environment of student recruitment locally and globally, while investing in exciting new, state-of-the-art facilities.

The University’s $5 million surplus represents the result of operations to 30 June 2018, which is not representative of the full year where the cycle of earnings is annual. The majority of student-related earnings are made in the first half of the financial year.  The current projection for the 31 December 2018 annual result is a surplus of $5 million.

For the first half of 2018, UC recognised revenue of $191.4 million (compared to 2016’s half-yearly result of $185.4 million). By the year end, UC is projecting to have increased its Equivalent Full Time Student (EFTS) numbers over 2017 in both domestic and full-fee paying (international) new-to-UC students, and in student numbers overall.

Operating expenditure was $186.4 million in the same period (30 June 2017: $172.2 million). 

The University continues to maintain adequate cash balances, with total cash holdings at 30 June 2018 (defined as current and term deposits) $295.3 million (30 June 2017: $349.0 million; 31 December 2017: $252.6 million).  The University receives the significant majority of its operating cash revenue early in the year during its main enrolment period. These balances are almost entirely committed to funding the University’s capital investment plan and EFTS expansion initiatives.

Net tangible assets per security ($1,000 face value) as at 30 June 2018 were $27,488 (30 June 2017: $27,878; 31 December 2017: $27,359).


Ngā mihi,

Dr Rod Carr
Vice-Chancellor | Tumu Whakarae

Postgraduate’s new space – Living Room

There’s a new Postgraduate student space!

Your eyes are not fooling you folks. We’ve got ourselves a dedicated postgraduate space on campus. A space where we can hang out, share stories, find information, host gatherings and all sorts of fun stuff.

The Living Room is an old café/restaurant/club space that UC is trialling as a common room for postgrads to hang out. This is something I’m really REALLY happy with, as well before I’ve been in the role of UCSA PG representative, this has been campaigned super hard for. I hope everyone really enjoys the space and can have it feel like a little home on campus. A relaxing space where any postgraduate student can go and feel safe and welcome.

I’m hoping this space becomes an organic point of information sharing and place to find out what’s going on around campus for postgraduate students, as I know this sort of information can be hard to come by most of the time! I’ll be making sure I pin up posters and updates from the UCSA on the boards in there for you all to check in on the happenings at your students association.

Attached is an average looking map of where this space is on campus! I really hope you all get the chance to come along sometime soon and check it out. If you’re struggling to find it feel free to email me at postgraduate@ucsa.org.nz, or head to the UCSA office and ask myself or our receptionist Fiona!

I look forward to throwing some sort of launch party in the next few weeks. Keep an eye on UCSA’s Facebook page and the PG noticeboard (https://www.facebook.com/groups/UCPGSA/) for updates!

A mid-winter summer for five UC students

During July’s mid-year break, Jade Humphrey, Kerridwen Russ, Natalie McHugh, Ruby Maurice and I had the opportunity to participate in the week-long Harbin Institute of Technology (HIT)’s Land-Sky-Ocean summer school in Weihai, China.

Participants consisted of over 68 students from seven different countries, which provided a fantastic opportunity to learn not only about Chinese culture, but also South Korea, Russia, and Vietnam.

The first few days of the programme focused on language learning classes and academic seminars, interspersed with opportunities to explore Weihai and the HIT campus.

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Photos courtesy of the group’s takeover of the @ucnz Instagram feed.

The academic seminars focused on the latest research being conducted at HIT. I particularly enjoyed the seminar on satellite design given by Associate Professor Wu Baolin. It was amazing to see undergraduate students developing and launching working satellites so early on in their academic career.

The last days of the programme focused on sharing and learning from our respective cultures. For our cultural exchange, we sang a traditional Māori waiata, Tūtira Mai Ngā Iwi and showcased the facilities and lifestyle of UC.

From the perspective of a commerce student, this trip was invaluable both personally and professionally.  The experience challenged our ideas about China, international collaboration and helped shape us to become more well-rounded students and individuals.

Professionally, this trip has given me the experience to tackle the challenges of coordinating global supply chains that I’ll face in my graduate position next year.

I encourage all students, regardless of their study area, to get involved with the international opportunities that UC has to offer as they are truly life-changing.

We are extremely grateful to the International Relationships Office and our respective departments for providing us with the opportunity to represent UC in this programme.

Jared McNicoll

Find out more about Global Opportunities available through UC here>