Do you control social media or social media controls you?

Kseniia Zahrai (Management, Marketing & Entrepreneurship).

Recently Kseniia Zahrai came third place in the UC finals of Thesis in Three.  She shares great inspiration on the definition of being a winner.

  1. What was it about Thesis in Three that encouraged you to enter?
    I was attracted by an opportunity to draw more attention to the marketing research area. It is a challenging task to explore human behaviour as its prediction and generalisation of findings is more complex than in other disciplines. Meanwhile, understanding our behaviour today will help us to shape the future. New technologies are changing the way we think, feel and live our lives. I believe it is important for research areas to join efforts and understand our today life better.
  2. What was the best and/or most challenging aspect/s of Thesis in Three? 
    Preparing for any talk, first of all, is considering the audience. The most challenging part of Thesis in Three is to present the research not only as an academic piece of work but also as a story that can connect it with the lives of ordinary people. If you do it well, the audience will want to know more. If people are asking questions about your study when the talk is over – you are the winner already. 
  3. What would you say to an everyday person if they asked you why your research was important in the ‘real world’? Can you say it in 30 words or less?
    Social media impacts the daily life of half of the world’s population already, while we need to understand the consequences on the go. Either you control social media or social media controls you.

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