Distinguished panel on climate change and migration in the Pacific

Many small island states in the Pacific are faced with the frightening prospect of being inundated and “sinking.” Where will they go? What can neighbours like New Zealand do?

What are the long term solutions? These are critical political and humanitarian questions of our time in our part of the world.


Distinguished panelists

Dr Megan Woods (New Zealand government minister)

Mr Lopeti Senituli (Tongan government representative)

Dr Iati Iati (Political scientist, University of Otago)

Mr Darren Brunk (Humanitarian specialist, Oxfam)

Facilitator: Prof Steven Ratuva (University of Canterbury)

Followed by public participation through questions and answers.


Time: 6pm October 18

Venue: Arts Lecturer theatre 3 (A3), University of Canterbury


Refreshments will be served afterwards



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