Sustainability Framework: We want to know about your research

As a core function of a university, UC’s research contribution to sustainability is fundamental to the new Sustainability Framework. It is also fundamental to UC’s contribution to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

The New Zealand government signed up to these goals in 2015, and will reporting for the first time on our progress against these goals in July 2019. Universities New Zealand is helping identify what the university sector is contributing, and UC is part of this. To this end, we are starting to compile a list of research projects being undertaken here that feed into the wider knowledge base about the Sustainable Development Goals.

And we want to hear about this now!

The goals cover a broad range of subjects, from gender equality (Goal 5), sanitation (Goal 6) and wellbeing (Goal 3), to peace (Goal 17) and climate change (Goal 13). 169 target site beneath these 17 goals. We want to know about the research you are doing that fits within this framework.

Examples of this are finding a presence in a draft UC Biodiversity Plan which is being developed at the moment. This plan explicitly meets goals 14 (Life Below Water) and 15 (Life on Land). A large amount of site-specific research from UC staff and students informs the background to this plan, all of which has been undertaken here at UC. Staff from Forestry, Civil and Natural Resources Engineering and Biology are researching insects, predators, bird life, tree canopy cover, stormwater contamination, fish and many other things that have a direct bearing on our campus’s ability to contribute positively to the wider ecological network we are a part of. They also help breathe life into the concept of UC as a Living Laboratory, a concept enshrined in our Landscape Masterplan.

But we are aware that many other research projects at UC directly meet the SDGs. If you are consciously using the Goals in your research, please get in touch with the Sustainability Office. Email

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