New Zealand Spinal Trust Wheelchair Challenge

NZ Spinal Trust Wheelchair Challenge and UCSA  held their Wheelchair Challenge in the North Quad yesterday, giving people the opportunity to see what it’s like to use a wheelchair.

The challenge had an obstacle course to weave through while on a wheelchair including cones, carry a glass of water or even push a trolley.  The idea was to show how everyday activities are more difficult for those with spinal cord injury – like pushing a shopping trolley onto uneven, resistant surfaces like carpet.

The organisation hopes to raise vital funds while shedding light on the immense pressure people with broken backs and necks are under. Support NZ Spinal Trust #relievethepressure by donating to their campaign.

Did you know? Any student enrolled in an assessed course who has a temporary or permanent disability that affects their ability to study is eligible to register with the Disability Resource Service at any stage of the academic year. This applies whether studying at the Christchurch campus, at regional campuses/centres (Rotorua, New Plymouth and Nelson) or by distance.

The Disability Resource Service (DRS) assists students with disabilities by providing appropriate, disability-related study support services and specialist resources such as:

  • Practical support (e.g. interpreters, notetakers)
  • Assistive technology (e.g. screen reading, screen magnification, learning support and voice recognition software, CCTV, digital voice recorders)
  • Information in alternate and accessible formats (e.g. electronic, enlarged, tactile diagrams, braille, video subtitles, audio transcripts)
  • Special arrangements for exams (e.g. extra time, separate room, readers and/or writers)

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