Timetable troubleshooting

If you’re experiencing things like timetable changes, clashes, or you’re not sure how to select a tutorial – don’t worry, help is at hand.

Timetable changes
It’s normal for timetable changes to happen at the start of the semester as class numbers and the spaces to accommodate those numbers are confirmed.

If there is a change to your timetable a notification will be sent to your uclive student email address, so make sure you check it regularly.  You can also check your timetable online here, via LEARN, or on the Qualifications and courses webpage by entering your course code into the search field.

Timetable clashes
If you have a timetable clash, contact your college course coordinator – you might be able to get a recording of the lecture. You could also discuss with the course coordinator the feasibility of completing the course without attending an activity, or you may need to consider dropping one of the courses that is clashing this semester.

Information about course coordinators is on the Course Information System page for the course, under the heading Course Coordinator.

Selecting tutorials and activities
You may need to allocate yourself to a tutorial or activity such as a lab for your course. For information on how to do this click here.

  • If a tutorial or lab option is not ‘open’ – opening allocations is up to individual teaching staff. If you wish to allocate early contact your course coordinator.
  • If activities are full – contact your course coordinator.

Location not showing?
If a location isn’t showing for a lecture, tutorial or lab contact the course coordinator.

More information

  • Check out My Timetable Help and the Timetable FAQs on the UC website.
  • Contact the course coordinator or department undergraduate administrator if you have any other concerns.

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