Think first. Kia Mataara.

Think first is all about taking care of yourself and your mates while you’re studying here at UC. Here’s some essential things to remember.

Look out for others – UC is a busy place, especially between lectures when students, lecturers and tutors are on the move to their next class. Whether you’re walking, biking, skateboarding or driving around campus – keep an eye on those around you to avoid any collisions.

Take care on roads – including roads on campus like University Drive and Homestead Lane. Use pedestrian crossings and look both ways before you cross. If you’re on your bike, use cycle lanes where provided and make sure you wear your helmet. 

Report hazards on campus – If you notice a hazard around campus report it to Security, call 0800 823 637 (save this number in your mobile phone). Let them know what and where the hazard is, and the Security team will get it sorted. You could be helping to prevent potential chaos!

Stay alert near campus construction sites – Work on Haere-roa (the new UCSA building), as well Beatrice Tinsley is due to finish later this year. And work has started on new student accommodation on Homestead Lane. Take extra care when you’re near building sites on campus – watch out for trucks and construction vehicles coming and going, and follow any detours and instructions on signs in place.

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