Mosque attack video footage and document ban

Alongside the video footage of the Mosque attack of 15 March, a publication reportedly written by the terrorist behind the fatal attacks in Ōtautahu Christchurch has been officially classified as objectionable.

The document, examined under the Films, Videos & Publications Classification Act 1993 (FVPCA), is deemed objectionable for a number of reasons.

It is an offence to possess or distribute an objectionable publication. People who have downloaded or printed this document, should destroy it immediately.

Access may be granted to some, including academics, researchers and analysts without penalty as they may require possession of the publication for a range of legitimate purposes, including education, analysis and research.

Those individuals however, must apply for an exemption to allow them to legally access and hold a copy of this document.

For the University, objectionable material is covered under the IT Policy Framework. This policy binds both staff and students.

IT Policy Framework
You may not undertake any activity with any element of IT that you would not ordinarily be allowed to undertake under your existing relationship with the University. Such restricted activities include:

  • You may not break (or assist another to break) the law, for example, copyright violations, or viewing or holding objectionable material.

Wilful violation of any of the conditions of your existing relationship with the University may bring about sanctions, and that those conditions include the use of electronic equipment. Such violation can lead to the restriction, or exclusion, from using the University’s electronic equipment, computers and/or IT network, and can ultimately lead to exclusion from the University.” [Pg 2 of 4]

If you have a copy of this publication that you are not legally entitled to possess, delete or destroy it immediately. If you see it, report it.  If you see material of this nature online, report it.

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Any harmful content should also be reported to the Department of Internal Affairs, click here.

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