Five ways to feel All Right – UC Amble organisers spread the word

What do you do when the rain puts a dampener on your event? You take the event indoors to where the people are!

Last week that’s exactly what the organisers of the UC All Right? Amble did. The event was held on Universities Mental Health Day and organised by a team of Health Science students with support from staff.   

“It was designed to celebrate the Five Ways to Wellbeing with five activity stations set up across campus. The idea was that staff and students could enjoy some practical and fun activities that support their mental wellbeing,” says second year student George Haswell.

However, when the rain refused to ease the UC All Right Amble moved indoors to the C-Block foyer and Central Library where organisers chatted to other students about the Five Ways to Wellbeing and gave away freebies.

“We don’t always have to put on a big event to celebrate the Five Ways to Wellbeing. The Five Ways to Wellbeing are things that people can do every day to help with their mental wellbeing. It’s just as important as physical wellbeing,” Joni Brand, second year student, says.  

George explains the Five Ways to Wellbeing include Connect, Take Notice, Keep Learning, Be Active and Give.

“These are simple strategies that students can use to help their mental wellbeing while studying here at UC.”

See below for more information about the Five Ways to Wellbeing.

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Five Ways to Wellbeing
International research has found there are five ways we can all improve our mental health and wellbeing, even when we’re under stress.

  1. Connect | Me Whakawhanaunga
    Whether we’re catching up with friends, spending quality time with our whānau or getting to know someone new, connecting with others can be a great pick-me-up.
  2. Take Notice | Me Aro Tonu
    When we slow down and tune in to the world we can really savour the moment. Remember the simple things that give you joy.
  3. Keep Learning | Me Ako Tonu
    If you’re keen to try something new or rediscover an old hobby, go for it! Enjoying a fresh challenge can be a great confidence boost.
  4. Be Active | Me Kori Tonu
    Did you know that moving your body can also move your mood? So do what you can and enjoy what you do. Every little bit counts!
  5. Give | Tukua
    When did you last show a little love? Whether it’s a friendly smile, an act of kindness or giving someone a helping hand, the little things we do can make a big difference.

Check out the Mental Health Foundation website for more information on the Five Ways to Wellbeing.

There is a wide range of services here on campus to support your wellbeing:


If you need to talk to a trained counsellor, free call or text 1737 from your mobile phone any time.

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