Join the UCSA’s Half-AGM

The UCSA want YOU at their Half-AGM! This isn’t your ordinary meeting. They’ve got tasty free food, great prizes and some interesting stuff to chat about (including a constitutional amendment). The event’s being held on Tuesday 23 July from 12pm in Undercroft 101.

The UCSA will be giving away two tickets to their always-popular event, Tea Party. Plus the university hall with the highest proportion of its residents attending the Half-AGM, will win their own exclusive event in the Foundry. T&Cs apply, see the UCSA website for more information.

Half-AGM agenda
1. Minutes of the previous Half-AGM (25 July 2018)
2. Report of the incumbent President
3. Constitutional Amendment – Finance Officer title
4. General Business – Elections

See you there!

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