Think first – commuting in winter

It can be hard getting up and going at this time of year especially if you have an 8am class so here are some handy hints to help you Think first and get you to and from UC on these cold and sometimes wet days.

Driving: Make sure you fully defrost your windows before you set off, it is really hard (and also illegal) to peer through a defrosted section the size of your hand. I recommend using a drink bottle with good long distance squirt action and cold or luke-warm water. Don’t forget to turn your windscreen wipers on and get out of the way of the flicking water. Or you could use a Think first plastic scraper, we’ve got some to give away – keep reading to find out how to get yours.

Biking: First, wear plenty of layers. Make sure you can be seen by using a white/yellow head light and red tail light – some fluro clothing is a good idea too. Take care if it is wet and slippery on the road (road paint can be especially slippery when wet), and be careful in areas that don’t get sun during winter days.

Walking / footpath users: If you are walking, scootering or skateboarding Think first if it is wet or frosty. Take care moving on painted surfaces and in areas that shady. Consider your footwear, use handrails when you can and if it would be safer walk on grass during frosty mornings.

Do you have ideas to help us all get to and from UC in winter? Share them in the comments below and you could win a Think first ice scraper.

8 thoughts on “Think first – commuting in winter”

    1. Thanks for your comment Lauren, the bus is a great solution. Please come and see the Comms Team (Matariki Level 4) and collect a Think first prize.

  1. Taking the bus! There is also the possibility of commuting with others to save some money due to such high gas prices at the moment 🙁

    1. Thanks for your comment Irina. Please come and see the Comms Team (Matariki Level 4) and collect a Think first prize.

  2. If you’re biking, a fluro bag cover is also a good idea, and think about a bell for letting people know you’re approaching. I look like a Christmas Tree in winter because I have so many lights, but at least I get seen! My worst winter accidents are on slippery road surfaces, think about changing your route too/from uni to avoid those dangerous areas.

    1. Thanks for your comment Susan, it’s always good to be well-lit on the roads. Please come and see the Comms Team (Matariki Level 4) and collect a Think first prize!

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