What is UC’s carbon plan?

At UC we hear about all the amazing sustainability-oriented research happening here – and many of us are involved in this research – but then we hear that UC is burning coal to keep us all warm. Why?

We are updating the Sustainability webpage ‘Our Energy Journey’  to explain where UC is at, and where we are going next, but in a nutshell…

Good news: UC is moving to biomass boilers, which burn carbon-neutral forestry waste-wood. The Ilam campus boiler upgrade is planned for the 2020 summer break and the Dovedale campus boiler upgrade for 2021 summer break.

John Britten Engineering facility 

Bad news: until then, UC has to burn coal to heat its buildings.

Good news: UC will move to clean ground-source heat-pump (GSHP) energy, when all of the university’s buildings have been upgraded ready for the new system.

What can you do? Check out suggestions for reducing fossil fuel dependence here. 

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