LawSoc investigation concludes

The University Proctor investigated a complaint concerning the LawSoc student club Law Revue show that took place over three evenings in August, and found that a number of students involved in the show had breached University Discipline. The Proctor has imposed penalties on the students in accordance with the University’s Discipline Regulations including, to varying degrees, an academic essay, community service with the Student Volunteer Army and record of their name and conduct on the University Discipline Register for ten years.

This behaviour is disappointing in our University where we do not accept any behaviour or action that belittles others on any grounds. Although we do not act as censors, one of our roles in pastoral care of our students is to censure behaviour that does not meet the expectations of our community. We intend to use this matter to strengthen our resolve of being a diverse and inclusive campus.

Under the UC Student Code of Conduct, each student can expect an environment where they have safe learning conditions free from harassment (including bullying) or discrimination, and are treated in a respectful and equitable manner. Each student, in turn, has a responsibility to respect the rights of others, and to support an environment conducive to learning and academic enquiry.

We want people to feel safe to speak up and be heard, and regard harmful and/or inappropriate behaviours involving staff or students as unacceptable. You can find more information on the UC website including how to raise a concern.

LawSoc is one of a number of UCSA student clubs. The UCSA has held its own separate process regarding LawSoc conduct in the 2019 Law Revue.

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