Completed your Orientation+ online induction modules yet?

Are you a new first-year undergraduate student? An email has been sent to your @uclive student email outlining login information for UC’s Orientation+ online induction modules.

The five modules are a really important part of your introduction to UC – they’re designed to make sure you’ve got all the essential information you need for your first year of study. 

All first-year undergraduate students must complete the modules, so if you haven’t already done so, be sure to put them on your to-do list this week. 

Get started – it won’t take long…
It doesn’t take long to complete each module – between 5 to 15 minutes, and you don’t have to complete them all at once. 

Login to your @uclive student email, look for an email with the subject line ‘Your Orientation+ module login’ and follow the instructions. 

Can’t find the email? 
We’ve been advised by some students that they haven’t received an email with their login details. If that’s you, don’t worry – email 

Be in to win
All students who complete the modules by midday, Friday 6 March* will go in the draw to win one of four $50 vouchers for the University Bookshop. 

*Note – the date for the prize draw has been extended. 

14 thoughts on “Completed your Orientation+ online induction modules yet?”

  1. Hey there I have checked and I haven’t received any emails with the subject title “Welcome to UC Orientation+ Induction Module” and thus I haven’t been able to completely the quizzes/introduction modules, how do I proceed?

    1. Hi Jasmyn, thanks for getting in touch. The Orientation+ modules are only for new first year students so you won’t need to worry about this email. Thanks, Laura

  2. I’ve received the email but when I try and log in, it says token expired. I also tried to email the address and it bounced back saying that it is no longer in use

    1. Hi Laura, thanks for getting in touch. I reported your issue to the team and they recreated your account which should have fixed the issue. Thanks for reporting the problem, please contact if you have further trouble logging in. Thanks, Laura

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