Music and Wellbeing: why listening to a good playlist benefits your wellbeing

For those of you out there that love music, you would have experienced many of the positive affects listening to music has on your wellbeing.

Why listen to music?

Music has been proven to have a positive impact on your wellbeing as it can stimulate the body’s natural feel good chemicals (e.g. endorphins, oxytocin). It can help energise our mood and provide an outlet for us to take control of our feelings. Music can even help us work through problems in our lives.

What are the benefits of music?

Music can help us to:

  • Manage stress
  • Express feelings
  • Enhance memory
  • Improve communication
  • Promote wellness
  • Increase motivation
  • Enhance confidence and self esteem
  • Trigger positive memories that are associated to specific songs

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