5 Ways to Wellbeing reminder – Take Notice

During our busy lives it is important that we take time out to pause, breathe and to take notice of the beauty that we surround ourselves with. Savour moments, be curious and notice the changing of seasons, these are all simple ways that you can take notice every day.

Looking for more ways to take notice, here are some ideas:

  • Walk around the block with a tape recorder. Try to notice all the sounds you hear. When you get home, play the tape back and see what sounds you noticed and what you missed.
  • Take the opportunity to sit quietly in a busy place like an airport or a mall and notice the interactions between people.
  • Take the time to give a special thank you to people who support you everyday.
  • Learn yoga or meditation.
  • Start a photo diary of a particular favourite place. Take photos of the same landscape or pet every day for a year and make an album.
  • Be mindful of the first mouthful of food you eat. See if you can really pay attention to all the flavours and textures of the food, the act of chewing and the act of swallowing. During the following meal, see if you can be aware of the first two mouthfuls of food, and so on.
  • Visit your local library for books on mindfulness.

Click here for a clip from the All Right Campaign where Si and Gary talk about the importance of taking notice:

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