Statement about outdated coronavirus related posters on campus

In early 2020 we had a cohort of international students arrive from China, where Coronavirus as it was known at the time, was spreading rapidly. As these students were most at risk, posters were published in English and Chinese to ensure clarity of communication for these students to get health support quickly. We recognise that COVID-19 has developed into a global pandemic and that the virus impacts all people, it does not discriminate. These posters were to be removed before campus re-opened after lockdown (some campus spaces re-opened on May 14 and students resume learning on campus on July 13), because they are both out of date and we understand that its offensive to suggest that this virus is applicable to one group of people only.

It has come to our attention today that some posters have not been removed. To anyone that has seen these posters we unreservedly apologise. The initial purpose of those posters was for support and health and safety, and our intention was never to imply any blame or to target any groups within our community. We have requested UC facilities to check again to ensure that all of these posters have been taken down. We would request that if you do see one of these outdated posters (identified as it says Coronavirus not COVID-19) on it that you do remove it.  

At UC we strive to create a campus culture of belonging, understanding, inclusiveness and caring. Again, we wish to apologise for any offence that has been caused by these posters, as this is a community where everyone should feel welcome.

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