UC Travel Survey: Last Chance!

Want to be heard on travel and transport issues? It’s your last chance until 2024!

The UC Travel Survey is open until midnight on Wednesday 22nd July. If you haven’t already completed the survey, we strongly urge you take a few minutes to do so by following the link in your email inbox. You will receive a reminder email with a link to the survey today.

Why should I do the survey?

The transport survey is vital for gauging staff and student travel patterns to and from the university and for aiding development of the UC’s transport and campus plans. It’s our best tool for understanding our community’s travel and transport needs.

Results from the survey and monitoring also provide important evidence for the university’s approaches to the Christchurch City Council and Environment Canterbury on transport matters; for example, improving bus services to/from UC, improving cycle routes, and addressing car parking on campus and on surrounding streets.

Also, it’s really the best place to vent about car parking…

How long will it take?

It takes usually less than 5 minutes to complete.

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