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“If you were unsure if winter had arrived yet, these past few weeks of heavy rain and temperatures to rival your fridge have put that question to bed. So pull on a hoodie and dust off the heater—it’s time again to plan for a healthy and safe winter.

Staying Safe on Campus 

 – Whether you are going to the Health Centre, the RecCentre, or your next lecture, make sure you stay safe while commuting. Take care when using a vehicle in winter weather, when visibility can be reduced and surfaces may be slippery. If cycling, use high visibility clothing and fit a light to your bicycle for those early sunsets.

 – Think First: be careful around Ilam Road and other busy thoroughfares at peak times. Take care near construction projects around the UC campus. Look after yourself and your mates by using well-lit walkways around campus. If you see a hazard, report it to Security by calling 0800 823 637.

Winter Wellness 

 – The UC RecCentre is open and is a great way to keep fit. Physical activity is associated with many benefits including improved cognition, reduced stress and anxiety, and a boost for your immune system—just what winter calls for! Gym membership is part of your student levy, so joining is straightforward. The RecCentre also runs social sport competitions and free beginner programmes for gym newbies, so this winter there is no excuse!

 – The UC Health Centre remains open and is here to support you. Bookings can be made over the phone.

 – Finally, keeping well in winter is also about keeping warm and dry. Condensation on windows and dampness on walls is exacerbated by indoor humidity, from sources such as drying clothes indoors, boiling water and taking showers without good ventilation, and even moisture from our own bodies! Dry clothes outside of the home when possible. Make sure air is ventilated and does not go stale in rooms, or invest in a dehumidifier (some heat pumps have this function built in). If you need to buy a heater, make sure to consider the different types of heater and their energy use. EnergyWise has a guide on how to save power and choose the right heater for your space. Good insulation is also important in a home. If you are concerned about the insulation in your rental, see the Tenancy Services portal for advice on what standards your landlord must be meeting under New Zealand law.

Despite the winter weather, Semester 2 brings back some normality! Let’s keep going strong by taking extra good care of ourselves and each other this winter.”

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