Six tips on how to avoid skipping your exercise session

Does this sound familiar? It’s the end of a long day at uni, you’ve made it home, and suddenly the plans to exercise are looking sketchy at best! Take heart, you’re not alone – but before skipping a day becomes skipping a week or a month and all your wins are lost,  here are our top tips to stay on track.   

1. Drink a glass of water 

Often times, tiredness is caused by dehydration. Drinking a glass of water can help revive you enough to get your mojo back for a short bout of exercise. Whilst there is no universal amount of water that one should drink , drink enough throughout the day so that you don’t feel thirsty, but not so much that you’re in the toilet all day. 

2. Put some workout clothes on 

The simple act of changing into some workout clothes and shoes can  be motivating in itself. You’re halfway there right? Now all you need to do is…

3.  Run on the spot for 1min

Yep. 1min. That could be enough to get some happiness hormones like dopamine flowing. Yep, training can make you happy. Once you’ve started, you might even keep going, especially if you double down with…

4. Amping tunes 

It’s well known that exercise can improve physical performance, with good music enabling people to exercise longer and harder. Choose music you enjoy and the right pace for the activity you’re doing.   

5. Be kind to yourself 

Missing a workout isn’t the end of the world, but it sure can feel like it sometimes! Try not to linger on it, and instead start with the four tips above and get yourself moving again, even a 15min walk around the block counts! Who knows? It could be the start of something great! 

6. Bring in the professionals (and this is where we can help)

If these little tactics aren’t helping, it could be time to bring in the professionals! Signing up for a one-on-one session with a fitness pro can help you break plateaus, get  have some fun with exercise again and help reset good habits. Check out more reasons to get a trainer!

The RecCentre offers super prices on PushMe training, and right now we have an introductory offer for First-Time PushMe clients, so you can experience the value yourself. Students can buy one session for just $20 (usually $30), with absolutely no obligation to continue – but we reckon you’ll love it!   

Be well!

UC Rec&Sport 

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