Swap, not shop!

Kinda want to jazz up your wardrobe, but not about that fast fashion life?  Keen on a pair of jeans, but not when a new pair uses 3,781 litres of of water to produce? Or just love a little bit of thrifting?

If it’s a yes to any of the above, you’re in luck! The Sustainability Office is bringing back our Clothes Swap Party next week to help you look your freshest while looking after our planet (and your wallet).

Clothes swaps are fun, easy, free, and rocking second hand threads is the most socially and environmentally responsible fashion statement you can make. Be a part of a circular economy, and give your ‘old’ clothes a new lease on life while taking home some groovy ‘new’ threads of your own!

What: Clothes Swap Party

When: Thursday 24 September, 10am – 12pm

Where: Community Engagement Hub, Rehua 108

See the Facebook event here for all the details on how to participate in the swap, including when and where to drop off your pre-loved items of clothing.

See you next week thrifters!

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