What is peer notetaking?

Have you heard about peer notetaking before? It’s a valuable service for students who are unable to take their own lecture notes. Find out more from a UC student who is a peer notetaker, and how it is beneficial for everyone involved! 

Peer Notetaking, run by the Equity and Disability Service, is a great way for UC students to support their peers. Note takers provide their lecture notes along with extra information from class discussions and announcements.

Applying for this service is open to all students from undergraduates to masters, with accepted applicants being paid $8 per lecture. After having completed a minimum of 12 hours you can apply for your notetaking to be recognised on your Co-Curricular Record (CCR).

Your CCR reflects the work-readiness skills you have acquired by participating in activities outside of academic study, which peer notetaking applies to. It shows your future employers that you have made the most of the opportunities that are available to you while at UC. These work-readiness skills include:

  • Planning and Organisation
  • Self-Management
  • Communication

The notes provided allow your peers who are unable to take notes for disability-related reasons, whether that is temporary is ongoing, to succeed and continue to find their place at UC. 

Personally being a peer note taker has positively influenced my own study. Knowing that someone else is relying on my notes for their own study has motivated me to make sure my notes are as clear and informative as possible. It has also made me more engaged in class as all of the information discussed may be helpful for the person I am providing the notes for.

Peer Notetaking is a rewarding experience as you are helping someone you have never met to continue to succeed and find their place at UC, while also supporting your own study by enhancing your engagement and note taking skills.

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